Death: the podcast

New Orleans has a unique relationship to death: we have a ridiculously high murder rate, we party at funerals, and we end up above ground. Death: the podcast tells the stories of personal experiences of death - fear of it, laughing at it, life-changing brushes with it, dealing with lost loved ones, and our own inevitable and unknown heart-stopping moment. Through confronting death we learn what it is to be alive.

Decisions of the Heart

Decisions of the Heart
March 21, 2016

New Orleans veterinarian Dr. Rachelle Biondolillo dedicates her days to saving the lives of pets. But she also finds herself being called on to end life. When she ventures into the territory of end of life care for pets, Dr. B. - as she's known to her clients - is no longer just a veterinarian with animal care skills, she's now navigating the waters of the emotional and psychological bond... Read More »

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