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HAPPY HOUR is a cocktail-fueled 60 minutes of random conversation with folks who have nothing in common, other than being New Orleanians in a bar. Featuring extraordinary New Orleans musicians playing live, host Grant Morris and sidekick deluxe Andrew Duhon.   

That's the Way it Goes on Death Row January 31, 2014

Once in a while when you're just out to grab a drink and you get talking to the person next to you at the bar you discover that some people are dealing with some serious sh*t.
della hasselle

This conversation with The Lens journalist Della Hasselle starts out light enough - talking about how when she used to tell people in New Orleans as opposed to New York that she was a "dancer" they mostly assumed that was a euphemism for "stripper" - but things take a serious turn when Della starts talking about her current work as a journalist, writing about death row.
death row discussion

Louisiana apparently has folks they want to kill but they have run out of the drug to kill them with. It's a crazy story as to why the drug is now unavailable in the US and a creepy, bizarre bar room conversation trying to come up with a Constitutionally and chemically sound solution with 3 guys who have had a few cocktails. That's Happy Hour producer Graham daPonte, herself an ex death-sentence trial attorney, standing in the background trying to keep some control of the conversation by ESP before she has to sit down and clear a few things up. 

chris lee goes jerseylicious

On the way lighter side - but no less revelatory - ex Supagroup frontman Chris Lee has been working in reality TV and delivers a blow by blow account of just how reality TV is as twisted a take on reality as you've probably always suspected. Chris's recounting of his tenure writing and producing Jerseylicious is hilarious.

Btw, if you've never heard of Jerseylicious, to give you some idea of its popularity, its Facebook page has 1.1 million likes.

Last time Charles Chamberlain was on Happy Hour Alex McMurray played his hilarious and cutting song about crappy New Orleans musicians, If You Can't Make It Here (You Better Not Leave). We made Charles promise to come back and play us a song of his own.

charles chamberlain

On this return visit Charles doesn't disappoint, playing a song that manages to get "cray cray" and "erl" (as in NOLA oil) into the lyric of That's The Way It Goes. The conversation never even got on to Charles' day job, leading music tours of New Orleans.

chris lee plays new song from little man blues

Chris Lee plays a new song he's working on, from his screenplay Little Man Blues, a musical.

chris lee della hasselle

All these pix of the show recorded live at Casa Borrega are by Happy Hour photographer Douglas Engel.

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