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On Louisiana Eats! NOLA food icon Poppy Tooker takes us into Louisiana's wide open fields, deep waters, bustling markets, and busy kitchens. Poppy's people are carrying on the traditions of Louisiana's wholly local but universally celebrated food, from farm to table, and sometimes barroom! Poppy roams the State to find the folks whose inspiration and innovation are taking the abundant wealth of Louisiana's food culture into the future. Let's eat!

Quick Bites:  To Beef Or Not To Beef

Quick Bites: To Beef Or Not To Beef
July 26, 2018

In May 2018, Dickie Brennan hosted Italian butcher, Dario Cecchini at his New Orleans steakhouse and Tableau on Jackson Square for a meaty and amazing demonstration of deliciousness. Dario’s visit was prompted by the hospitality he’d extended to Dickie’s son, Richard III, during his apprenticeship in Panzano, a little village in Italy’s Chianti region. After completing the course work at the Culinary Institute of America, Richard Brennan knew he wanted... Read More »

A Shot of History Mixed With Inspiration at Tales

A Shot of History Mixed With Inspiration at Tales
July 21, 2018

It's July in New Orleans, which means two things: scorching temperatures and the hottest event in the spirits world — Tales of the Cocktail! On this week's show, we look at the annual summertime conference that brings the international cocktail scene to the Crescent City. We begin with Maggie Campbell, head distiller at Privateer Rum, a historic rum company in a seaside New England town. A kind of privateer... Read More »

Quick Bites:  Art & Whiskey a Conversation with Noah Rothbaum

Quick Bites: Art & Whiskey a Conversation with Noah Rothbaum
July 19, 2018

For spirits expert and author Noah Rothbaum, each whiskey bottle tells a story, and he's proven that idea by writing extensively on the subject. Noah is the Drink + Food Senior Editor for The Daily Beast and the associate editor of the forthcoming book, The Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails. In this episode of Quick Bites, Poppy invites Noah into the studio to discuss his book, The Art of American... Read More »

It's All Happening At The Zoo

It's All Happening At The Zoo
July 14, 2018

On this week's show, we take a deep dive into the cuisine of our friends in the animal kingdom. We begin at the Audubon Zoo, where zookeepers forge a nurturing connection with each animal they care for -- especially at meal time. Curators Liz Wilson and Dominique Fleitas invite us along as they make their daily rounds at the Zoo. Next, we meet a Baton Rouge-based entrepreneur who's found a way to... Read More »

Quick Bites:  A Conversation with Kate Gerwin

Quick Bites: A Conversation with Kate Gerwin
July 11, 2018

With Tales of the Cocktail 2018 right around the corner, on today’s podcast,  we'll meet one of the most inspirational cocktailians I've ever encountered  at Tales -- that's Kate Gerwin. Kate was the first American and first female  Bols Around The World bartending champion. She and I discussed her  illustrious career owning and operating award-winning establishments, as  well as her journey to become a mentor to female bartenders. Read More »

World Cup of Liquors

World Cup of Liquors
July 6, 2018

Every four years, World Cup fans join together in the spirit of international competition. On this week's show, we raise a glass to intercontinental camaraderie by tasting five exotic spirits produced across the globe.  We begin our celebration the way they do in China, with a baijiu toast. American expat Derek Sandhaus introduces us to this ancient Chinese liquor, which has recently gained popularity in the West. Then we'll hear about a popular... Read More »

Quick Bites:  George Graham

Quick Bites: George Graham
July 4, 2018

From the cities to the swamps, Louisiana’s Cajun Country is known for its food, culture, and joie de vivre. Author and blogger George Graham calls Acadiana home, and has made it his mission to preserve and promote Cajun and Creole culture through stories and recipes. He blogs about his food adventures weekly on AcadianaTable.com and is author of the book Acadiana Table: Cajun and Creole Home Cooking from the Heart... Read More »

America - The Delicious

America - The Delicious
June 30, 2018

On this week's show, we're celebrating the 4th of July holiday by savoring the remarkable diversity that shapes America's food culture.  In her latest book, historical gastronomist Sarah Lohman identifies eight flavors that she believes form the foundation for that elusive term, "American cuisine." Sarah tells us about an edible history that goes beyond hamburgers and apple pie to delve into ingredients as diverse as sriracha and msg. Then, we speak with... Read More »

Quick Bites:  Alfred Singleton, Singular Chef

Quick Bites: Alfred Singleton, Singular Chef
June 28, 2018

Café Sbisa Executive Chef and Co-Owner, Alfred Singleton has always had a passion for food and entrepreneurship. Born and raised in the lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, Alfred spent nights and weekends at his family's popular sandwich shop, peeling shrimp and paying attention to the details of running a business. His career took a trajectory when he took a job as a dishwasher at Bacco. From there, he worked... Read More »

Culinary Revolutionaries

Culinary Revolutionaries
June 23, 2018

On this week's show, we discuss sustainable food policy with culinary revolutionaries from around the world. While growing up, Michel Nischan spent a lot of time on his grandfather’s farm. So the thought of eating fresh food was second nature to him. Now he's focused on changing food policy on a federal level. Next, Wynnie Stein reflects on the evolution of the Moosewood Collective, a group of cooks, artists, and activists who have been... Read More »

Quick Bites:  De-cyphering Buttermilk Graffiti

Quick Bites: De-cyphering Buttermilk Graffiti
June 21, 2018

If you are a devoted foodie – it’s a good guess you already know who Edward Lee is. Especially if you caught his Emmy nominated season of Mind of a Chef.  Born in Korea, Edward grew up in Brooklyn, but a single trip to the Kentucky Derby transformed him into a new style Southerner, one whose world includes kimchi with a side of fried boloney. We sat down in our studios with  Edward when he blew through... Read More »

Breaking The Bonds Of Silence:  Louisiana Eats Tours The Whitney Slavery Museum

Breaking The Bonds Of Silence: Louisiana Eats Tours The Whitney Slavery Museum
June 16, 2018

In this special edition of Louisiana Eats, we celebrate Juneteenth — the day that commemorates the end of slavery in the United States. We take a trip to the Whitney Plantation, the only plantation museum in America that focuses entirely on slavery. The vision for the museum originated with attorney and developer John Cummings, who invested 10 million of his own dollars to help educate the public about the truths of... Read More »

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