Milo's Music Parlor

Milo's Music Parlor, hosted by the President and Janitor of Milo Records, Kim Vu, is an intimate conversation with artists shaping the contemporary New Orleans musical landscape. Living legends, young upstarts, and national and international acts making a pass through the city play an intimate set to a small audience of music appreciators, then step away from their instruments and talk with Kim. The audience join in the conversation. Milo's Music Parlor is a unique New Orleans night out: something between soundcheck and speakeasy, on-stage, back-stage, and after-show party.

Kim  VuKim Vu - Host

A native Californian, Kim moved to New Orleans from Alaska where she was 25% of the state's Vietnamese population. Tireless, Kim redevelops blighted properties, works on her Central City home, and has already inspired a local restaurant to name a sandwich after her.  MORE ABOUT KIM

Mark ToblerMark Tobler - Producer

Mark Tobler grew up in the Boston area during the 1980's folk revival visiting coffeehouses and listening to street performers in Harvard Square. Since moving to New Orleans 15 years ago he has hosted WTUL's Folk Show and is currently their Roots Music Director.

Chris KehoeChris Kehoe - Technical Director

Chris is young enough to have grown up with comedy podcasts, but old enough to have a personal trainer. When he's not producing award winning comedy shows, Chris enjoys river boat gambling, dueling, and competing in amateur zeppelin races.

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