Psychiatrist Dr. Nick Pejic hosts MINDSET. Unlike the hosts of many mental health shows, Dr Pejic really is a psychiatrist. Mindset allows Nick to help us understand what motivates successful people, especially New Orleans' best. He's not your dad's Dr. Phil or your grandma's Dr. Laura, and Mindset is not your regular mental health show. Young, dapper Dr Pejic says, "This is New Orleans. We are not about what is wrong with you, we're about what is right with you."

Nick Pejic. M.D.Nick Pejic. M.D. - Host

Dr. Pejic is a general adult psychiatrist with specialization in addiction and mind-body medicine. Nick is in private practice at Atlas Psychiatry and an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at LSU School of Medicine.

Grant MorrisGrant Morris - Producer

Grant was a DJ on New Orleans' seminal 90's music station, The Zephyr.He pioneered webcasting with Fastband GlobalCast live from New Orlean's Bourbon Street. He's a Grammy-nominated songwriter and screenwriter of cult classics "Return of Swamp Thing" and "Dead Dog". more about Grant...

Graham da PonteGraham da Ponte - Producer

An ex Wall Street researcher and WTUL radio DJ, Graham is a good-guy trial attorney and writer/editor who surprises many email correspondents when they discover Graham wears a skirt. She doesn't always wear a skirt but she's always a woman. Well, mostly. 


Eric MurrellEric Murrell - Technical Director

Eric's passion for listening to and capturing great stories drives his panoply of audio projects. A native New Orleanian, Eric brings both a love of rum drinks and a personal understanding of the city's invaluably rich tradition to his quest of archiving its unique culture.

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