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OUT TO LUNCH finds economist and Tulane finance professor Peter Ricchiuti conducting business New Orleans style: over lunch at Commander's Palace restaurant. Each week Peter invites guests from the New Orleans business renaissance to join him. The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Inc magazine have all named New Orleans the best city in the USA to be an entrepreneur. Out to Lunch is the cafeteria of the new New Orleans entrepreneurial movement. You can also hear the show on WWNO 89.9FM.

Photo by Rick Lineberger

Dine Out Work Out March 12, 2015

When you launch a new business, you have no way of knowing whether you’re going to make a billion dollars, or make a bunch of decisions that add up to little more than a valuable lesson.

When a small group of New Orleans guys started hosting pop-up foodie dinners in deserted buildings, few could have predicted Dinner Lab would turn out to be a multi-million dollar nationwide business.

paco robert

Dinner Lab Co-founder Paco Robert joins Peter on this edition of Out to Lunch today, along with Jason Navarro.

jason navarro

Jason’s business is at the other end of the dietary spectrum – he’s created a new line of sports supplements, called 4D.

jason navarro, paco robert, peter ricchiuti

Taking on every product in GNC, and setting up dinners in bombed out buildings across America could be the subjects of two reality TV shows. Peter tackles both of those topics today on Out to Lunch.  And that's not all, he's also taking on dressing up like a fairy princess. 

frank scurlock, emily chatelain, bibiddy bobiddy bash

In the You Heard It Here First segment of the show, Emily Chatelain introduces her party-girl biz, Bibiddy Bobiddy Bash. Hear a longer conversation about Bibiddy Bobiddy Bash with Emily, Peter, Jason and Paco, here.

The photos on this page were taken at Commander's Palace by Chet Overall.

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