Psych Ward

PSYCH WARD is the bastion of super-strange psycho Ross Shields. As "The Rossman", Ross was fired by some of the biggest alternative music radio stations in the USA for being uncontrollable, insane, and a danger to himself and others. Safely locked up in his own Psych Ward, Ross is now simultaneously superintendent, doctor, and patient, with a cast of characters including Nurse Sonja,Reverend Hibachi and an unwitting cast of supporting characters. Not for the faint of mind.

Psych Ward - OCD February 1, 2019

Get a look behind the scenes at Psych Ward as Dr. Ross and Nurse Sonja deal with Nurse Indigo who is having a baby that she has fit into a very demanding work schedule. Then they launch into dealing with OCD. It turns out that Dr. Ross - who is a doctor, the superintedent of Psych Ward and a patient - has to treat himself for OCD. Dr. Ross admits that he has to say the word "typical" three times in a row his mother will get cancer.

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