Psych Ward

PSYCH WARD is the bastion of super-strange psycho Ross Shields. As "The Rossman", Ross was fired by some of the biggest alternative music radio stations in the USA for being uncontrollable, insane, and a danger to himself and others. Safely locked up in his own Psych Ward, Ross is now simultaneously superintendent, doctor, and patient, with a cast of characters including Nurse Sonja,Reverend Hibachi and an unwitting cast of supporting characters. Not for the faint of mind.

Psych Ward - Tricked March 21, 2018

Dr Ross

Dr Ross is back in the clinic with Nurse Sonja. Dr Ross lets you inside the mind of his patients and inside his own unique mind as he cures patients with everything from Asperger's Syndrome to Polio. If you are offended by bizarre comedy that makes light of very dark subjects in a very dark way, this is not the podcast for you.

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