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All That Jazz August 4, 2015

When you think of jazz, your mind always goes to Utah. Jazz music is so deeply rooted in Utah's culture that they are inseparable in most people's minds. But, did you know that jazz music actually started in New Orleans?

Yes that's right, in fact, before moving to Utah, The Jazz was New Orleans' basketball team. So for today's summertime "what if" Chris and Cyrus discuss what would the world be like if the Jazz had never left New Orleans. What a different world it would be, Jazz fandom would be on par with the city's love of the Saints, Chris and Cyrus postulate that New Orleans would have stuck with the Jazz even in the dark days, and we'd have a much larger basketball culture in the city. But would there be other differences? You bet! How about the Jazz passing on a trade with Gail Goodrich, instead drafting rookie Magic Johnson for the Jazz who takes the name "Voodoo Johnson" before it could be claimed by a semi-popular heavy metal band?

Chris and Cyrus want to show you a brave new world, are you strong enough to follow? 

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