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City Draft May 6, 2014

Draft day is fast approaching, and Chris has brought in the big guns. Tami Nelson and Chris Carrington haven't spoken for 15 years (not really) but they've put it aside to join Chris in the studio, for their mock draft, which (spoiler alert) ends with New Orleans getting a hurricane proof bubble.


Is this trio of twisted minds just going to give you a run of the mill mock draft? Absolutely not, their bringing you their patented City Draft. The T2TG crew go through each NFL city and give their opinions on what each city needs, not only for football but in all aspects, it's like The Wire but funny. Are the rules of the City Draft confusing and ill defined? Yes. Does everyone in studio base their opinions on there own subjective opinions? Absolutley. Is it a ton of fun? I think you know the answer.


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