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If you're looking for a house, apartment, or commercial property in New Orleans and you're finding everything is too expensive or the best stuff seems to be gone before you get there - this show is for you. Each week New Orleans real estate broker Ariana Tipper selects her favorite NOLA properties that haven't come on the market yet and gives listeners a chance to be first in before they're listed. If you're wondering how you're ever going to get that place you're looking for, well, now you're hooked up. As Ariana says, "Think of this as the Match.com or Tinder of real estate." 

Condo Mania March 30, 2015

If you want to live in the Garden District / Uptown New Orleans but you don't need a whole big house you can once in a while find a cool condo. Today Andy has found two.

Listings for 3/30/2015

St Charles Avenue Condo

This unlisted property is on the top floor of a St Charles Avenue building on the Uptown/Garden Dstrict boundary. It's a newly renovated, secure, furnished, 1 bedroom corner unit with covered parking and if you want to rent it out it rents for $1,500. It's going to list for $199k.

Uptown Condo on Coliseum is Pet Perfect

This unique newly renovated condo feels-like-a-house, because it really is. It used to be a double but has been converted into a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo maintaining all of the real old new Orleans feel. It has a fenced cute courtyard which means you can have a pet, and it's a cool space to hang with humans too. The other condo in this unit rents out for the incredible sum of $2,900. This property is going to be listed at $350k.

Unlisted LLC, 2725 S. Broad Ave 70125 504-281-4372

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