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If you're looking for a house, apartment, or commercial property in New Orleans and you're finding everything is too expensive or the best stuff seems to be gone before you get there - this show is for you. Each week New Orleans real estate broker Ariana Tipper selects her favorite NOLA properties that haven't come on the market yet and gives listeners a chance to be first in before they're listed. If you're wondering how you're ever going to get that place you're looking for, well, now you're hooked up. As Ariana says, "Think of this as the Match.com or Tinder of real estate." 

Don't Fear The Reaper March 20, 2015

It's Tax Credit Day and Ghost Day on this week's show. Andy highlights homes that qualify for historic tax credits that can save you real cash off the purchase price if buy one. Plus you can freeze your property tax for 5 years. Before you buy a house, or sell the one you're in, would you like to know if anybody died in it? You might want to know that for a bunch of reasons but you may not have realized that if somebody did die in your house so you can turn it into a tourist attraction! On this show Andy chats with Roy Condrey, founder and operator of DiedInHouse.com, the cadaver-Carfax of real estate. Plus some exclusive pre-list properties.

Listings for 3/20/2015

Central City Total Renovation Commercial Space & Upstairs

On the cool part of OCH, close to the brand new soon to open Jack & Jakes, Gary is selling a totally renovated commercial space with an awesome big back yard and a whole upstairs that can be a separate business or you could live in it. It's a Historic District Landmark Commission building, a real gem. Gary is going to list it at 650k which at 2,800 totally renovated square feet is a pretty good price. 

Irish Channel Camelback

Jim is selling a totally renovated single family home with every historical detail lovingly retained and a bunch of brand new features including a vibracoustic tub - the tub and water vibrates in tune with your music. This home also comes with historic tax credits which means you can get actual cash back at sale time plus you can freeze your property taxes for 5 years! It's 2,500 square feet and is going to listed at $639k, which is a very reasonable $255 a square foot. This is going to be listed next week. Jump on this.  

Uptown Double

Another historic tax credit deal, this property has been pre-approved for tax credits so you get a break on the renovation of this Uptown double on a giant lot, two blocks off of Napoleon. Plus it comes with an extra building that could be a shed, studio or apartment to rent. It's going to be listed at 449k. 

Freret Full Renovation

An amazing renovation retaining every tiny historic detail but transforming this 4 bedroom family home into a like-new energy efficient property. Plus it comes with off street parking and an apartment that is currently renting for $1,200 a month. The apartment suddenly makes the note on a $495k family home a lot more affordable. This is going to be listed next week.   

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