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If you're looking for a house, apartment, or commercial property in New Orleans and you're finding everything is too expensive or the best stuff seems to be gone before you get there - this show is for you. Each week New Orleans real estate broker Ariana Tipper selects her favorite NOLA properties that haven't come on the market yet and gives listeners a chance to be first in before they're listed. If you're wondering how you're ever going to get that place you're looking for, well, now you're hooked up. As Ariana says, "Think of this as the Match.com or Tinder of real estate." 

On The Block July 10, 2017

You don't have to drive very far in New Orleans  - usually about a block or two will do it - to find a blighted, abandoned house in even the nicest neighborhood. The reason most of these properties remain rundown when they're in an awesome location is they are mired in years of red tape that's been created by unpaid property taxes. On this edition of Unlisted NOLA Ariana introduces Stephen Morel from CivicSource, a revolutionary new way to get your hands on blighted property that is not only super easy, it's super cheap and super sorted out so you won't have any legal reverberations after you fix up your fixer-upper. This actually might be the best kept real estate secret in New Orleans.

Plus Ariana has 4 great unlisted properties all under $300k that you have an exclusive chance to get your hands on before they hit the market. Good luck!

Listings for 7/10/2017

Brand New House in Gentilly

Sorry about mixing a metaphor but if this house is in your wheelhouse you've got to jump on it. It's a brand new house on a corner lot in Gentilly built by a reputable development company with taste, attention to historical detail and modern amenities. This is a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom 1600 square foot house with 10 feet ceilings and off street parking. Did we mention it's brand new? From the ground up. And it's going to list at $283k. The time to jump on this one is right now.

Feel Good Brand New House in St Roch

The most unique thing about this brand new from the ground up bright orange house in St Roch is the piece of property it sits on. The lot stretches he entire city block wide. So the front of your house is on one street and the driveway and yard in back of the house is on the street behind. How about that?

The house is 3 bedroom and 2 bath, 1700 square feet with a very cool floor plan and extensive porches. If you buy the house not only will you be buying into the hippest up-and-coming area in the city, you'll also be buying a piece of history and contributing to the well-being of the city. This is a project of Uncommon Construction, a company that employs apprentices, many from area high schools, who learn construction from being on the job. This place is filled with Good Karma. You'll feel it when you walk in. It's going to be listed for $249k. It's going to be snapped up for sure. If you want to get to see it and have a chance to buy it before it hiots the market, register now.


Lower Garden District Condo #1

An easy walk to Tracey's, this condo is an 8-6 square feet 1 bedroom in a converted old Garden District house. If you're happy to stay home and not walk to any of the bars or restaurants in easy walking distance, you can chill out on one of your porches while your car sits safely in it's gated parking spot. You've got safety and convenience and a really sweet deal at $225k. This is another one of those properties that will disappear quickly when it hits the market. Check it out now before anyone else gets to see it by registering. 

Another Condo in the Lower Garden District

This condo is in a newer building handy to the interstate. The lower floor of the building is all garage parking. The condo has a great floor plan that gets 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom into 835 square feet. If you're looking for a condo in the LGD you need to see this. It's going to list at $229k. At that price it's going to sell as soon as its listed. Register now to see it before it lists.

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