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If you're looking for a house, apartment, or commercial property in New Orleans and you're finding everything is too expensive or the best stuff seems to be gone before you get there - this show is for you. Each week New Orleans real estate broker Ariana Tipper selects her favorite NOLA properties that haven't come on the market yet and gives listeners a chance to be first in before they're listed. If you're wondering how you're ever going to get that place you're looking for, well, now you're hooked up. As Ariana says, "Think of this as the Match.com or Tinder of real estate." 

The Greatest Week of the Year - Spring in New Orleans March 27, 2017

Spring in New Orleans can last anywhere from a weekend to a few weeks. As soon as we start to get a little warm we know it might only be days away till it's hot. On this week's Unlisted NOLA, Ariana makes the most of the beginnings of Spring by introducing three real estate agents with very different New Orleans properties, from a traditional big Uptown house off the Avenue to a brand new bargain in the 7th Ward. What all these places have in common is that they have not hit the market yet and they are exclusively available right here at Unlisted NOLA. Take a listen to the show and if you want to buy one of these properties or just take a look at it, sign up below.

Also on this show, Will Bradshaw from Green Coast Enterprises talks about what being "green" means. It's a new way of looking at real estate that's more than just a millenial marketing fad.

Good luck! We hope your dream home is just a click away.  

Listings for 3/27/2017

New Construction in Mid City / 7th Ward

Ariana kicks off this show talking with real estate agent Andy about a brand new house built from the ground up in a prime Mid City location near the racetrack. Andy is going to list this house next week but right now it's unlisted. This kind of opportunity doesn't come along too often, especially at the asking price of $350k. This camelback has two bedrooms and two full bathrooms upstairs and all the family space you could want downstairs. Plus there's off-street parking for two cars. As soon as this hits the market it's going to be snapped up, so if this sounds like you, jump on it.

Uptown Renovated Cottage

Carolyn tells Ariana about a 2 bed 2 bath cottage Uptown near Tulane and Loyola. It's a 100 year old house that has been fully renovated from the ground up, including new plumbing and electrical. It's in the Riverbend Carrolton area and in the Lusher school zone. Ariana pegs this as a good spot for an investment property for a student while they're in school. Carolyn sees it as a family home for a young family. Whichever of these camps you fall into, you're going to love the price :$279k. This is a real great deal. It's move-in ready.

Uptown Classic

Real Estate agent "Middy" joins Ariana in the Unlisted studio to talk about his as yet unlisted Uptown classic old New Orleans home. This is one of those Uptown houses you drive by and wonder, "Who lives in gigantic stately old homes like this?" The answer could be, "You." You could be the owner of this 3 storey home with 4 bedrooms, a sun room, screened porch, and host of other amenities, on a beautifully landscaped corner lot. These types of places don't come on the market all that often - as evidenced by the fact that the owners of this place have been living there for 40 years. These folks haven't let the place go though, it's impeccable and in move-in condition. If you want to take a look at this place before it's gone for another 40 years register to check out this place before anyone else sees it. It's $925K. If this is your price-range go get it.

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