From the Westbank to New Orleans East, there is a vibrant community of over 20,000 Vietnamese New Orleanians.  Once a week host Kim Vu invites a guest to chat about Vietnamese etiquette, ancient proverbs, Vietnamese events in New Orleans, and Vietnamese food.  A Vietnamese-American recently arrived from California, Kim combines her own discovery of the local Vietnamese community with her deep familiarity and love of Vietnamese life and customs. Kim and guests weave a tapestry of fun and pho, Hanoi and poboy, as VietNola explores the world of Vietnamese New Orleanians, here and in Vietnam.


A native Californian,  graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and City University of New York School of Law, Kim started out heading North - to Alaska where she was 25% of the entire State’s Vietnamese population. Kim practiced law, managed political campaigns and had plenty of fun playing music, but felt something was missing. Then she realized what it was: the sun! 

Kim n Milo

Heading all the way South, Kim quickly became one of those NOLA transplants who is a natural-local: a vital part of the community who has found her home, figuratively and literally, and spends most of her day finding homes for others.

kim and milo have a beer

Kim works full-time in the development of affordable housing, but in true New Orleans style, her full-time passion is music. Kim is the founder of independent record label, Milo Records New Orleans, which records and manages New Orleans-based musicians. 

milo records

Beyond the music industry Kim has inspired other New Orleanians, in unique ways. A local restaurant has named a (Vietnamese) sandwich after her and she encourages other New Orleans women to take a swing at her in the boxing ring.   

kim vu kicks ass

By either finding a portal into a multi-dimensional parallel universe or a special talent at time-management, Kim also manages to sit on the committee of the Preservation Resource Center, to travel, and to blog about it.  

kim's ride

You may have already guessed Kim has a dog called Milo, and does not regret for even one second having left the legal profession.

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