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OUT TO LUNCH finds economist and Tulane finance professor Peter Ricchiuti conducting business New Orleans style: over lunch at Commander's Palace restaurant. Each week Peter invites guests from the New Orleans business renaissance to join him. The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Inc magazine have all named New Orleans the best city in the USA to be an entrepreneur. Out to Lunch is the cafeteria of the new New Orleans entrepreneurial movement. You can also hear the show on WWNO 89.9FM.

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Out to Lunch Entrepreneurs

When you have a successful business, everybody wants to hear the story of how you got from your entrepreneurial idea to being a big deal. Until you get to that point, however, there are not a lot of media folks lining up to talk to you. Peter Ricchiut is the exception to the rule. On Out to Lunch Peter gives entrepreneurs with little more than an idea an opportunity to get some attention, and hopfeully some traction.

Condensed conversations are featured on Out to Lunch, broadcast on New Orleans' NPR affiliate WWNO 89.9FM. These are the full conversations with our Out To Lunch entrepreneurs.


Community Plates

Lauren Rudzis puts it pretty simply - In America and especially in New Orleans where there is so much food, nobody should have to go hungry. That's the concept that drives her social impact startup, Community Plates. Here Lauren pitches the concept, explains how it all works, and dicusses her app, Go Rescue, that's got the project up and running, with host of Out to Lunch Peter Ricchiuti and music industry... Read More »

My Mix Nutrition

Crutcher Reiss played tight end in college. After football he went to business school and now he's in business. My Mix Nutrition combines Crutcher's athletic talents and business skills. It's an online dispensary that dispenses with the one-size-fits-all solution of places like GNC or Vitamin Shoppe and replaces it with an online apothecary where you can concoct customized supplements just right for you and you alone. Here Crutcher describes his concept... Read More »

Welcome to College

It's often the first contact with any business that delivers the customer's most valuable impression. Even when the product you're selling is 4 years at a prestigious college.  That's the guiding principle behind Welcome to College, Justin Bayer's company that, four years after startup, is starting to get a few folks in college admissions educated. Here Justin pitches his idea to host of Out to Lunch Peter Ricchiuti and Peter's guests, inventor... Read More »


Face it, getting married ain't easy. It can be more stressful than just about anything you'll do for the first few years of your marriage. That's where Wedocracy comes in. Here, Wedocracy co-founder (yes, with his wife) Peter Jacobson explains the concept and how it's rolling out to host of Out to Lunch Peter Ricchiuti and his guests, Kelly Conatser from Neighborlynx and Jason Nicosia from Commit Change. Hear the original conversation... Read More »


On the entrepreneur segment of Out to Lunch we sometimes hear from people who have an invention, but we've never met anyone who themselves is "inventional." Co-founder of Acrodisiac, Ellio Blox, coined the term to describe a business in which he and his partner ARE the invention. Acrodisiac is a two-person kinetic sculpture that combines entertainment, romance, and extraordinary athleticism. Here Blox (as he prefers to be called) explains the concept and... Read More »


When you come home you want to walk into your place and feel... What? Relieved to be home? Excited? Calm? Whatever mood you want your home to be, Sharree Walls can make it happen. Sharree's super-specific concept for home decoration is called Solace. Here Sharree rolls out the Solace concept to host of Out to Lunch Peter Ricchiuti and his guests James Pellerin from Pellerin Milnor and Tommy Boudreaux from Clean... Read More »

Grad Square

You've probably heard the stories about cab drivers with Ph.D's and molecular biologists working at Best Buy and maybe you've wondered, "What's wrong with these guys?" Well, apparently what's wrong is that there hasn't been a good way for someone looking for a Ph.D or molecular biologist to find our friends in their cab or at the mall. That's why Marco Altamirano and his partner Brian Berlin came up with... Read More »

Landing Zone NOLA

Returning military veterans have a range of options available to them that are helpful in starting a new business. The federal, and state governments, grateful for the service of veterans, offer various incentives but taking advantage of these can be more difficult and frustrating than taking on ISIS in Syria. ONe problem is simply getting it together enough to find office space or other basic entrepreneurial needs. Meet Bob Armbruster... Read More »

Bibiddy Bobiddy Bash

If you're a certain age, fairy princesses are real. If you live in New Orleans and want to see a real fairy princess, however, you either have to sneak into Oz at Mardi Gras, steal some stilettos and hop a Greyhound to Orlando, or get someone to take you to Disney World. Now along comes Emily Chatelain and it's a whole new ballgame. Now real life fairy princesses show up at... Read More »


There was a time, apparently, when we all had enough hours in the day to accomplish everything we needed to accomplish. Whenever that time actually was, it's difficult to remember and it is almost certainly not coming back. Not without a world-changing apocalytpic event anyway. Or maybe MEUSU. MEUSU is the brainchild of Greg Harris and his team of collaborators. It's a platform that allows users to connect with members of... Read More »

Fund 17

Haley Burns is leading a New Orleans economic revolution. It's called Fund 17. Based on the microfinance model that won Muhummad Yunus a Nobel Prize, Fund 17 makes micro loans to what Haley calls the "Invisible businesses" in all 17 wards of New Orleans. Invisible businesses are the guys who do car detailing, the women who sell homemade candy from their house, and a hundred other NOLA variations of the... Read More »


Domenic Giunta is re-imagining manufacturing. He's not alone, there is a revolution brewing in manufacturing, from 3D printing to all manner of variations of the Maker movement. Domenic is betting on the future of the Maker Space. He is pioneering the idea (aka IDIYA) in New Orelans and potentially beyond. In this conversation Domenic pitches IDIYA on an episode of Out to Lunch with Peter Ricchiuti to Peter and his guests... Read More »

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