Trew 2 the Game

Saints, Pelicans, Tigers, Brass, Jazz, Zephyrs, Night, Jesters, Green Wave, Voodoo, Wrestling, Other - they are all covered by Trew 2 the Game. Comedian Chris Trew,whose accolades include being voted "Best New Orleans comedian on Twitter" by Gambit readers, hosts a rotating cast of writers, comedians and athletes, all knowledgable about local sports, and all subject to Trew's impulses to explore fantastical sports scenarios. New episode every Tuesday.

"Chris Trew is out of his fucking mind" - The Austin Chronicle
"A fiercely enjoyable brain warp of a time" - The Austin Chronicle
"Energetic and razor sharp" - The Gothamist
"Boldly explores that blurry line between humor and performance art." - The Onion A.V. Club

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Chris TrewChris Trew - Host

A completely irrational New Orleans sports fan and co-founder of The New Movement, a comedy theater in Austin and New Orleans. Chris splits his time between both cities and in his spare waking moments tours the country and runs comedy festivals.  Read more

Tami NelsonTami Nelson - Host

Has studied comedy since 2003, been a full time performer and improv instructor since 2006, and in 2009 co-founded The New Movement Theater with Chris Trew. Tami performs regularly with the TNM cast at their theaters in New Orleans, Austin and Houston.

Chris KehoeChris Kehoe - Producer

Chris is young enough to have grown up with comedy podcasts, but old enough to have a personal trainer. When he's not producing award winning comedy shows, Chris enjoys river boat gambling, dueling, and competing in amateur zeppelin races.

David MartinDavid Martin - Web Application Developer

David Martin came to web application programming by way of Special Education.  After 15 years working with kids with special needs he decided to work with adults and make them websites at  He enjoys being a father, husband, code monkey, and New Orleanian.

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